Apr 25, 2024 Vas Nair

Crisis Management and Thinking Ahead 

The ability to guide and motivate your team during times of uncertainty or crisis is an invaluable skill as a leader. Being agile is incredibly important. You’ll be faced with a wide range of tasks including planning strategically, putting out fires, maintaining healthy communication within your team and being available to coach them. Let’s get into some ways to prepare for challenging times. 


In the face of uncertainty, people crave clarity, information and what to expect next. You may not have all the details, but laying the foundation on how, when and what you will communicate can help minimize unnecessary tension. This helps teams stay engaged and cohesive by reinforcing trust. With the Giraffe app, you can access resources to help you communicate effectively and provide clarity to your team.

Be aware

Keep stock of risks. For example, there could be a heavy reliance on a system, supplier or team members – where a loss may significantly slow down your business. Stay one step ahead by assessing risks, identifying vulnerabilities, and ideating solutions.

Plan ahead

Create a crisis management plan that outlines actionable steps for overcoming some potential issues you may have identified during your risk assessment. Be specific with the details. How would you respond in a worst-case scenario situation? Who would you rely on? Who are the critical stakeholders?

Build a strong culture

A capable, resilient and highly adaptable team is a byproduct of a strong workplace culture. Understand individual strengths and weaknesses and identify areas where further training may be beneficial. We dive deeper into this topic in our next article, so stay tuned! 

With the right tools and proactive action, preparing for a crisis can be an opportunity to foster growth within your organization. In today’s ever-changing environment, it’s almost a must have!  We can’t prevent every crisis, but we can implement strategies to help overcome them while learning from them. 

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