Healing Workplace Friction

20 May 2024

Why does poor communication happen in the first place? Sometimes it’s as simple as misunderstandings or differences in communication styles. Other times, it’s the result of conflicting schedules or priorities, and maybe fear of confrontation.  Things can become emotional when relationships are strained. Practicing emotional intelligence (EI) is key here. EI refers to one’s ability…

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A Positive Mindset Creates a Healthy Work Culture

18 March 2024

A sunny and kind disposition is contagious! People want to be around others who inspire a positive outlook. Positive attitudes at work influence higher trust, stronger teamwork, and better collaboration.  Last month, we discussed the importance of trust in leadership and in the workplace. Those who inspire trust from their colleagues help contribute to an…

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The Company Cultures that Attract Talent

15 December 2023

Company culture seems to be a hot topic these days, but what does it look like in practical application? We understand company culture as the norms, behaviors, values, and work environment of an organization. Leaders may be considering how they can build a better culture at work, which enables employees to make positive contributions to…

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Two men in front of a computer in an office

Navigating Conflict Within The Multigenerational Workforce

05 September 2023

In a bustling corporate realm, a diverse group of mid-level managers found themselves at the helm of an extraordinary challenge – managing a multigenerational workforce. Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and even Gen Zers converged, each with their unique perspectives, work habits, expectations and values. Little did these managers know that within this symphony of…

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Mental Health Doesn’t Have To Be A Lonely Struggle

26 June 2023

After a few years of silence, I heard from a business acquaintance, who I had worked with on several overseas assignments. It was wonderful to catch up and eventually hear about why she went quiet. It wasn’t a case of not wanting to stay in touch. She had something important going on with a team…

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Giving Feedback

19 July 2021

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve” Bill Gates. Giving feedback can come in two forms – positive feedback or feedback for improvement.  Positive feedback is easy to give and receive, as it involves ‘good’ or ‘happy’ scenarios. Feedback for improvement on the other hand can sometimes be seen…

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Collaboration And Creating A Healthy Work ‘Space’

11 April 2021

Challenges at work are a given! They can range from managing complicated projects and unrealistic customer demands to dis-engaged team members and unmet goals. Although no two workplaces are the same, they can share common themes around disruptions, both within and outside the teams. Staying ahead of these disruptions requires several ‘must haves’ in a…

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