Leading Teams

Crisis Management and Thinking Ahead 

25 April 2024

The ability to guide and motivate your team during times of uncertainty or crisis is an invaluable skill as a leader. Being agile is incredibly important. You’ll be faced with a wide range of tasks including planning strategically, putting out fires, maintaining healthy communication within your team and being available to coach them. Let’s get…

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What do People Look for In a Leader?

24 February 2024

Understanding what people look for in a leader can be helpful on the journey of continuous improvement, and creating stronger teams. Let’s dive into some important qualities of great leaders. Here at Giraffe, our mission is to help ensure that leaders are well-equipped and prepared. Click here to learn how the Giraffe app can help…

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Why Management Roles are Becoming Less Attractive

20 November 2023

A recent study by Visier found that younger workers no longer seek management roles. Companies across industries are struggling to fill management roles, and it’s causing concern. Today we dive into the findings of this study and discuss what it means for modern workplaces.  According to the study, the reasons for this shift include “expectations…

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How Leaders Are Using AI In The Workplace 

02 November 2023

In our rapidly evolving business landscape, leaders are increasingly turning to AI to embrace innovation, increase efficiency, and drive success. Let’s talk about how forward-thinking leaders are using AI in the workplace, with an emphasis on integrating AI into human teams, rather than replacing them. Leaders can leverage the power of new tools to strengthen…

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A lady in a chair with a light bulb hovering and a clipboard thinking about learning culture

Embrace A Learning Culture

26 May 2023

To remain relevant, agile and on top of your game requires continuous learning. This applies to  individuals, as well as teams and organizations. It has become critical today to create an effective learning culture, regardless of the size of your team. Why? Simply because our world (both personal and professional) is challenged and interrupted by…

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A man standing at the front of the room talking to and guiding his team

Guiding Your Team Through Shifting Sands

23 March 2023

Remember that frustrated feeling that overcomes you when your boss tries to explain why organizational changes are coming (including budget cuts)? So now you’re left wondering how to tell your team members that their priorities and workload have shifted and there’s more juggling ahead. For many leaders, this is a reality that plays out very…

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Showing a superhero business leader representing leaders in business or a work

LEADERSHIP MYTHS Part 2: Turning them into learning opportunities

23 September 2022

Leaders, like the rest of their employee population, have preferred styles when it comes to communicating, building relationships, how they work to achieve their goals, and resolving conflict. As they expand their skills and knowledge, they will lean into what’s worked well for them in the past. In this second part, I want to continue…

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Lessons for Leaders and Leadership Myths: Lady in a paper aeroplane in a red dress, flexing muscles with a crown on her head

LEADERSHIP MYTHS Part 1: What are the lessons for leaders?

15 August 2022

We’ve all heard this time and time again…‘What does it take to be a leader today?’. Looking at decades of research on the topic, a few factors remain constant – that being a successful leader is contingent upon the environmental factors and the stakeholders involved. The other part to this equation belongs to the individual…

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A team leader and two colleagues talking

The Human Side Of Leadership

11 July 2022

We live with disruption every day! Our everchanging local and international environments, throw us a daily dose of interruptions that impact every one of us – and mind you, in very different ways. Your employees could be dealing with a host of unsettling issues ranging from Covid-19 setbacks, not adjusting well to the new way…

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Employee engagement

Do You (REALLY) Know How Engaged Your Employees Are?

26 April 2022

It’s no surprise that the pandemic has us all marching to a different drumbeat on how best to re-engage as a team. It’s a common topic of discussion, regardless of the size or type of organization. For some, it means onboarding new team members who they’ve not met in-person. For others, it means working with…

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