Leading Teams

A team leader and two colleagues talking

The Human Side of Leadership

11 July 2022

We live with disruption every day! Our everchanging local and international environments, throw us a daily dose of interruptions that impact every one of us – and mind you, in very different ways. Your employees could be dealing with a host of unsettling issues ranging from Covid-19 setbacks, not adjusting well to the new way…

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Employee engagement

Do You (REALLY) Know How Engaged Your Employees Are?

26 April 2022

It’s no surprise that the pandemic has us all marching to a different drumbeat on how best to re-engage as a team. It’s a common topic of discussion, regardless of the size or type of organization. For some, it means onboarding new team members who they’ve not met in-person. For others, it means working with…

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Welcome to our team typed on a typewriter as a welcome to onboarding new team members

The Basics Of Onboarding Your New Team Member

13 March 2022

Now that the newest addition to your team has signed up….what’s next? Have you considered the first few steps you’ll take to help them be part of your team? The initial months (and sometimes even weeks) will set the tone for whether your new hire will love it or head for the hills!  Let’s assume…

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Setting Goals - Goal Setting - Giraffe HR APP

Setting Goals And Creating A Sense Of Purpose

09 November 2021

We all know how important it is to navigate our career – and at certain junctures – it’s SUPER important to review the road travelled, where you’re headed and how you feel about where you are. Whether you’re early in your career journey or very well established, check-ins are a MUST. This can include discussions…

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Hybrid Work Model: This illustration depicts four people working remotely with a large lightbulb in the centre.

Leading Others In A Hybrid World Of Work

23 August 2021

We’ve all had to adjust to a different way of working, which includes managing business priorities and interacting with others. It goes without saying that leaders need to be MORE connected with their employees today than ever before, especially given the need for flexible work practices. What’s a HYBRID work model and how does it…

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