Nov 20, 2023 Vas Nair

Why Management Roles are Becoming Less Attractive

A recent study by Visier found that younger workers no longer seek management roles. Companies across industries are struggling to fill management roles, and it’s causing concern. Today we dive into the findings of this study and discuss what it means for modern workplaces. 

According to the study, the reasons for this shift include “expectations for increased stress, pressure, and longer hours”, the desire to specialize in their area of expertise, and “lack of interest” in leadership responsibilities, among a few others. The research also showed that people were more interested in creating a fulfilling life outside of work. 

Responses reflected that higher pay and better benefits were the main incentives for employees to seek upper management positions. Of the people surveyed, work-life balance and flexible arrangements were also top priorities. 

So what does this mean for employers? Aside from offering more competitive compensation and better work-life balance for employees, employers should also consider more support and training for these roles. The allure of a better title just isn’t enough for the new generation of workers. 

To fill these gaps in the leadership pipeline, there are a few things to consider. For some organizations, redefining the scope of a manager could be the way forward. To accommodate employees who enjoy their specialization, the answer could be to give them leadership responsibilities over smaller teams with a more natural, collaborative tone.

In many organizations, employers can consider better offerings to attract top talent. This could include incentives like bonuses, better technology, better tools, and more support.

We know the landscape of work is always changing, and this presents the opportunity to innovate and adapt. Taking new approaches could mean better outcomes and more satisfied employees. What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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