Change Management

Crisis Management and Thinking Ahead 

25 April 2024

The ability to guide and motivate your team during times of uncertainty or crisis is an invaluable skill as a leader. Being agile is incredibly important. You’ll be faced with a wide range of tasks including planning strategically, putting out fires, maintaining healthy communication within your team and being available to coach them. Let’s get…

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4 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a New Role

22 January 2024

Joining a new team can be both refreshing and daunting! This is a new beginning with so much potential to make an impact and grow in your career. However, you can also feel pressure when meeting new people and adapting to new environments. This is especially true in remote teams. Today we’ll dive into some…

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How Leaders Are Using AI In The Workplace 

02 November 2023

In our rapidly evolving business landscape, leaders are increasingly turning to AI to embrace innovation, increase efficiency, and drive success. Let’s talk about how forward-thinking leaders are using AI in the workplace, with an emphasis on integrating AI into human teams, rather than replacing them. Leaders can leverage the power of new tools to strengthen…

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A man standing at the front of the room talking to and guiding his team

Guiding Your Team Through Shifting Sands

23 March 2023

Remember that frustrated feeling that overcomes you when your boss tries to explain why organizational changes are coming (including budget cuts)? So now you’re left wondering how to tell your team members that their priorities and workload have shifted and there’s more juggling ahead. For many leaders, this is a reality that plays out very…

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Your Personal Roadmap For Dealing With Change

14 June 2021

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela Change, as we’ve heard many times…is the only constant! Be it a professional or personal topic, the change process can be disruptive. But it can often present opportunities. So, the glass is half full NOT half empty! In many…

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