Feb 24, 2024 Vas Nair

What do People Look for In a Leader?

Understanding what people look for in a leader can be helpful on the journey of continuous improvement, and creating stronger teams. Let’s dive into some important qualities of great leaders.

  1. Empathy: Leaders with high emotional intelligence always stand out. The ability to take a diverse range of perspectives into account, provide support when needed, and deeply understand workplace dynamics are qualities that will resonate with your team.
  2. Strategy and action: Thinking critically and strategically are important aspects of transformational leadership. It takes time and skill to analyze each scenario and plan for the organization’s success. Successful leaders also act on the strategy and inspire others to do the same.
  3. Communication: Being able to clearly and effectively communicate is an essential component of effective leadership. Individuals have higher trust with leaders that connect with them, provide feedback, and address concerns.
  4. Leading by example: Great leaders are role models that lead by example, which encourages others to follow suit. For example, consider co-facilitating a team meeting or kicking off an important training session.
  5. Empowerment and development: People appreciate leaders that take the time to understand their goals and nurturing their potential. Set aside regular development planning conversations with team members.
  6. Integrity: Highly valued leaders must practice integrity to excel. This allows you to reinforce trust and build confidence. Cultivating integrity is necessary to earn respect from your colleagues, teams, and the world at large.

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