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Hi there, we're Vas and Sobha Nair, and we're the creators of Giraffe. We've got a wealth of global HR leadership experience that spans many industries. With Giraffe, we're giving business owners, leaders, and employees like you the confidence and tools to manage productive workplace relationships and challenging workplace scenarios.

We want to thank you for contacting us. We'll be in touch within the next 24 hours. In the meantime, please explore this page for free HR resources to help you build a productive workplace that thrives.


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Sobha was very professional and pragmatic in her approach to our HR needs. She provided sound advice and coaching for our managers. With her guidance, we were able to deal with the issues without any disruption to the business.

Michael B | Operations Manager | Consumer Goods Industry


Vas is incredibly well regarded as an HR thought leader and strategic thinker. Having intermittently worked with her for almost 20 years, I appreciate her pragmatic and positive approach with stakeholders that lead to highly sustainable results.

Vinay Jagessar | Managing Director | Arterial Group | Sydney, Australia

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The Human Side of Leadership

We live with disruption every day! Our everchanging local and international environments, throw us a daily dose of interruptions that impact every one of us...
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Mindfulness and Working Through Conflict  

Dealing with the uncertainty and stressful emotions in any conflict can unto itself be a barrier to solving it. Perhaps its why many people tend...
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Do You (REALLY) Know How Engaged Your Employees Are?

It’s no surprise that the pandemic has us all marching to a different drumbeat on how best to re-engage as a team. It’s a common...
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The Basics Of Onboarding Your New Team Member

Now that the newest addition to your team has signed up….what’s next? Have you considered the first few steps you’ll take to help them be...
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If You’re NOT Dealing With Conflict…Make It A Priority!

We’ve all encountered situations that have some element of conflict. Maybe it was due to differences of opinions or a lack of communication resulting in...
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Nurturing A Culture Of Trust

Anytime I read something about building trust or creating a culture of trust…I think, Why Does This Seem So Difficult? Have We Forgotten How Important...
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Setting Goals And Creating A Sense Of Purpose

We all know how important it is to navigate our career - and at certain junctures - it’s SUPER important to review the road travelled,...
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Resilience And Evolving With It

No different from the challenges in our personal lives, setbacks and difficult scenarios at work can sometimes feel like a kick in the teeth! We...
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