An Innovative Approach To Conflict Management!

Giraffe helps you navigate tough workplace conversations with expert HR advice and resources at your fingertips

Workplace conflict resolution - Giraffe HR App

An Innovative Approach To Conflict Management!

Giraffe helps you navigate tough workplace conversations with expert HR advice and resources at your fingertips

Workplace conflict resolution - Giraffe HR App
Difficult workplace conversations - Giraffe - Team at work standing around a table, working together on a document

MANAGE CHALLENGING SCENARIOS Prioritize your business with Giraffe

Are you letting difficult workplace conversations or issues get the better of you or your team? Do you avoid managing conflict because you feel unprepared, unsupported or inexperienced? Are you looking to build a positive workplace culture where your team members are collaborative, empowered and enjoy coming to work?

You’re not alone, and that’s why we’d love to tell you about Giraffe. This cleverly designed and intuitive app helps you facilitate productive conversations with a focus on problem solving – when you need it the most. From employees wanting a positive way to manage workplace conversations to team leaders or business owners looking to proactively develop and encourage their teams, you’ll want Giraffe in your HR toolbox. 

Giraffe is your extra pair of HR hands

Here's an indispensable tool when it comes to managing workplace issues and relationships, regardless of your role.

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CEOs & Business Owners

By tapping into your dashboard, you’ll love the way Giraffe keeps you ahead of the game when it comes to understanding the issues that impact your people. Plus, you’ll have access to HR expertise at the click of a button. When you’re armed with this information, you’ll be better equipped to increase engagement and boost productivity, which is great for your business!

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Team Leaders & Managers

Managing people is your priority, but it isn’t always easy. With Giraffe, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to manage conflict and challenging workplace scenarios with in-built guides, resources and HR advice when you need it. Giraffe will work hand-in-hand with you to more effectively address those tricky conversations.

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Facing difficult scenarios at work can be daunting. Planning for these discussions is important, which is why Giraffe is the tool for you! It will arm you with guided steps and a range of resources so that you’ll feel confident to tackle issues at work and focus your energy on your goals. Productive conversations at work can contribute to your own development.

Giraffe is here to help you with conflict management

With a seamless user interface, 24/7 access to common workplace topics, guide sheets and data, as well as expert HR advice at the ready, you’ll never be left wondering what to do next. 

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Guided Steps and HR Expertise

Put your mind at ease when it comes to navigating a range of workplace discussions. Let’s be honest, some of these require considerable preparation. We also know you're busy so you will appreciate the reminders and notifications before, during and after these conversations. If you are a team leader, your role can sometimes be more complicated. That’s why we’ve added a feature that gives you that extra help – access to external HR expertise so that you can resolve issues with confidence.

User-led Technology

Giraffe is a contemporary and intuitive app to use. Where HR issues can often be complex and overwhelming, this app certainly isn’t. We’ve tuned, fine-tuned and built an app based on real user feedback collected from business owners, leadership teams and employees across industries. Preparing for difficult conversations and capturing outcomes has never been easier with Giraffe’s in-built confidential record keeping functionality.

HR Data at Your Fingertips

As a CEO, business owner or leader, you know how important it is to keep your finger on the pulse of your business and understand how ‘healthy’ the workplace is. Access to this essential information further enables you to develop your employees, retain key talent and cultivate a cohesive work culture. Ultimately, doesn’t this contribute to your business growth?

Resolving Workplace Conflict- Giraffe App

BUILD A STRONGER CULTURE AT WORK We’ve lived and breathed HR

Hi there! We’re Vas and Sobha Nair, two sisters who have lived and breathed all aspects of human resources with over 50 years of combined experience (and we’re still counting!)

You might be wondering what Giraffe is all about. Simply put, it’s all about empowering you.

If you’re a CEO, business owner or leader, you know that when you’re juggling priorities and workplace conflict, warning signs are often missed as a result. People-related issues can be overwhelming, and a lack of preparation, know-how and support makes it harder for you to know how to reach the right resolution. And finally, as an employee, we get how hard it is to face difficult workplace scenarios head on – at times it’s easier to bury them, right? 

Giraffe was born from our own experience facing the same scenarios that you face. But here’s the difference: we’ve gained business operations experience plus global HR leadership expertise throughout our careers. Now we want to share the lessons learned and best practices to help you productively stay ahead of the HR challenges at your workplace.

In their words...

Giraffe is new, but our experience is not. Here are some kind words from leaders we’ve worked with. 

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We had some HR matters to deal with and Sobha was recommended to us. She took the time to listen, understand our business and provide guidance on how to resolve the issues.  Sobha’s HR expertise, together with her professional and down-to-earth approach made it easy for us to work with her. I would not hesitate to recommend Sobha as a HR partner.

Chakyl Camal | CEO & Co-Founder | Panthera Group 

Vas is incredibly well regarded as an HR thought leader and strategic thinker. Having intermittently worked with her for almost 20 years, I appreciate her pragmatic and positive approach with stakeholders that lead to highly sustainable results.

Vinay Jagessar | Managing Director | Arterial Group | Sydney, Australia

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On the Giraffe blog

Looking for a taste of the HR expertise, reflections and opinions we bring to Giraffe and your business? Check out the Giraffe blog!

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