Resiliance: Tiny office stuffers resting and working in the giant hands. Employee care, personnel benefits, support and professional growth concept.

Resilience and evolving with it

27 September 2021

No different from the challenges in our personal lives, setbacks and difficult scenarios at work can sometimes feel like a kick in the teeth! We all have stories and stressors that range in intensity – for instance, missing out on that job, conflict with a colleague, disappointing feedback from the boss, losing a client, mistakes…

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Giving Feedback

19 July 2021

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve” Bill Gates. Giving feedback can come in two forms – positive feedback or feedback for improvement.  Positive feedback is easy to give and receive, as it involves ‘good’ or ‘happy’ scenarios. Feedback for improvement on the other hand can sometimes be seen…

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The power of empathy and workplace conversations

15 May 2021

So why is empathy so important in the workplace? You might think this is a naïve question and be surprised how many people just don’t understand empathy and how powerful it can be in a relationship. Empathy doesn’t happen naturally for everyone. It is a conscious choice. The most common way to describe empathy is…

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